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        Characteristics and working principle of drip irrigation pipe with inner lining
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        The characteristics of the drip irrigation pipe are as follows:

        Large channel emitter has a wide labyrinth channel, high water pressure in the long channel can form a turbulent emitter with self-cleaning function, the emitter is not easy to plug.

        The dripper in the pipeline, drip irrigation integrity is good, the pipeline wall is smooth, in the construction of pipeline laying process, the dripper will not damage or fall off.

        The compensating sheet of pressure compensating emitter is made of silica gel, which can maintain the stability of emitter dripping and is suitable for complex terrain and long distance paving applications.

        The inserted drip irrigation pipe can be used for crop irrigation with unequal spacing and irregular planting.

        The working principle of the interior drip irrigation pipe:

        The inlaid drip irrigation pipe is a cylindrical emitter which is continuously and intermittently inlaid in the pipe. It is bonded together by high temperature and is machined with holes on the pipe. The pipe wall is thicker and still in the shape of a tube after coiling.

        Water enters the filter, dissipates energy through turbulent flow channel, reaches both ends of the cylindrical emitter, and then drips evenly to the root of the plant through a hole in the pipe wall


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